‘Tis the season to be… – hiring seasonal staff!

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‘Tis the season to be… – hiring seasonal staff!

The holiday season is upon us, as most contact centers, you are also in the process hiring seasonal staff to handle the demand spikes. Keep in mind, that this is your so called “front line”, the quality of customer service will reflect heavily on your company or brand image.

Try to keep that in mind when hiring seasonal staff and to make it easier OpsTalent has prepared a list of simple rules to avoid any potential mishaps.

Experienced agents

Seasonal spikes in “customer service” demand are a well known fact in the contact center industry, the simple solution is hiring seasonal staff that will help with the additional workload.

Remember it’s not only the most basic communication methods that will be overburdened, train the newbie staff on the basics and leave the more complicated process to the veterans – you never can undervalue experience, especially during the holiday season.

Also, don’t spread your regular team members to thinly.

The multi-channel approach.

Contact centers need to focus on other channels, it’s no longer the simple days of call centers, the multi-channel approach reigns supreme and provides for a more fluid B2C communication.

Dedicate appropriate agents to email, web-chat and social media – make sure those dedicated contact center employees are familiar with the technology, have perfect grammar and spelling skills and will not falter under pressure.

Also, make it clear that “speed matters” and that all enquiries need to be handles in a timely manner depending on the communication channel at hand.

Script the email correspondence

Scripted replies are not all that bad, especially during those demand spikes. Providing consistent service and also ensuring that the message is being delivered according to the company standards is what every contact center should strive to achieve.

Leave room for some flexibility, but the main body of the email correspondence should be clear and consistent – this prevents drafting a completely new message for every situation .

Simply, cutting down response times.

Live web-chat.

This one, is quite simple. Live web-chat will provide immediate answers to any customer queries thus limiting the number of customer issues or questions that will hit other communication channels.

The contact center won’t have a massive backlog.

Knowledge base.

Providing a knowledge base or a FAQ for the seasonal staff is quite crucial to your company’s success during the holiday season.

Remember, these contact center agents just went through a “accelerated” training process, they might not remember every detailed procedure and such. Having those tucked away in an easy to access knowledge base will help them out tremendously.

Also proving a simple FAQ for your customers is a smart move, especially if you incorporated some additional communication channels for the first time and want to offload some of the traffic to them.

Keep the customers informed and let them help you out during this most wonderful time of the year!