Collecting Customer Feedback – How To Break The Cycle.

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Collecting Customer Feedback – How To Break The Cycle.

Break The Cycle.

After engaging with an organization you are bound to receive a “Want to win an iPhone? Just fill out this survey” email. The main problem with such customer surveys is that they don’t provide valuable data. The sole reason those are being filled out is the chance of wining. Furthermore the clients are stuck in a vicious cycle thinking that not even the slightest amount of feedback will be used to better the product or the brand as a whole so why bother with well thought-out answers.

The resources and time used to prepare the survey are wasted.

In order to break the cycle proving that the feedback provided by customers is not meaningless. Make the outcome visible to the customer, show them how the process works – simply appreciate your customers time.

This is where cloud-based customer experience systems are shining. They allow for real-time feedback processing. The CRM system will automatically associate the information with the contact that gave the feedback.

Following up on feedback, regardless if it was positive or negative is crucial. It vividly shows that you value your customers opinion.

Keep It Simple.

Does the phrase “easy access” ring a bell? Make it easy to leave feedback. Keep the process simple, making the customer “jump through hoops” just in order to leave feedback will make him think twice.

I he feels bothered, he is as good as gone. Remember a good feedback process is a simple one.

Negative Feedback.

Finally, upon receiving negative feedback, ensure that matter is highlighted. Treat the customer specially, move them to the front of the queue and to your best agent.