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Get the customers involved in the IVR creation process.

Get the customers involved in the IVR creation process.

Who else thinks that the customer should be involved in writing the IVR functions?

Those functions which are supposed to serve the customer are often created without any sort of input or feedback from them. Which is mind boggling and frankly unacceptable in a customer centric environment.

If you really want to get a better call flow, include the customers in the process of designing the IVR, they will thank you later.

The importance of Workforce Management

The importance of Workforce Management

Even the best staff on the planet needs to be at the right place at the right time, this is why workforce management is crucial.

In order to help you optimize your workforce management (WFM) OpsTalent prepared these tips:

1. Be clear and set goals

Efficiency is crucial. In order to effectively calculate staffing requirements you need to plan ahead. Optimize your schedules depending on customer service peaks, service level and staff attrition rates.

2. Understand back-office processes

You can’t forecast if you aren’t able to manage it, simple as that. You need to be fully aware how the back-office processes work in order to maintain, and later on optimize them.

3. Keep the people in the loop

Keep the middle man in the loop, team leaders are the one responsible for enforcing large parts of the WFM process, make sure that they are an integral part of it.

4. Software matters

Spreadsheets are a “no-go”, invest in proper WFM software – it will prove to be quite beneficial in the long term.

5. Flexibility is the key.

Planning ahead is crucial, but if the situation calls for it, don’t be afraid to adjust forecast and schedules.


Team leaders have to like people.

Team leaders have to like people.

Being actually good with people should be prerequisite to even become a team leader.

It is not about metrics, it’s about managing and motivating your “rag-tag” group of contact centre individuals in such a manner that they are able to attain certain goals.

It’s quite easy to notice the good team leaders, there are the guys or gals that know what their whole team was doing during the weekend on the Monday morning. They constantly reassure that they got their contact centre agents back when it comes to dealing with supervisors and management and will take the heat for any possible screw up without shifting the blame onto the team.

In short, they cherish people first, metrics second.

Do note that good sales representatives aren’t always good managers and vice versa, although having the same background as their colleagues will make them bond easier.

Never sugar-coat, be transparent, and above all else if something has gone wrong acknowledge and reassure.

Never sugar-coat, be transparent, and above all else if something has gone wrong acknowledge and reassure.

Social customer service is on the rise, and some companies are finding it difficult to deal with problems through a channel that requires immediate action from them. So what are “The Essentials” of social customer service?

OpsTalent has this checklist for You:

  • Be fast; ensure that each complaint through social media is taken care of in a timely fashion, real time is expected so don’t be afraid to escalate if the situation calls for it, think fast!
  • Be transparent, if something has gone wrong admit, comfort and reassure the customer base that the situation will be resolved shortly, if not compensate, keep the customers informed re progress
  • Be positive, even if a particular problem effects a small portion of the customer base, inform them that despite that fact you are doing everything to make it right and apologize for the inconvenience
  • Keep the complaint visible and report regarding progress, never take the problem out of the visible communication channel, other customers that were following the development of the situation will get suspicious, also look out for some positive viral potential.
  • Follow-up, re-engage the customer,  and hopefully they will re-tweet to say that despite the issue with the product or service they initially encountered, the customer experience they were provided turned out to be an amazing journey for them and only reassured their trust in your brand