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There is always room for improvement.

There is always room for improvement.

Turning customers away is fatal for business, customer service skills need to be top notch if you want to provide an unforgettable customer experience. Not many enterprises will admit that their inner process’s or quality of provided services are the cause of a steadily declining customer satisfaction – there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer service.

Real-Time Customer Support is Essential.

Gaining new customers is harder than getting new business from established customer base, but established and loyal customers provide great opportunities in the digitalized age, thanks to customer referrals and word-to-mouth.

The most overlooked part of the customer experience is one-on-one customer support sessions – it often gets substituted with almost rage inducing automated technology.

The rise of the multi-channel era made B2C communications easier, thanks to blogs, web-sites and social media. Thing is, for most of your customer base social media and web sites might be not personal enough. Nothing can substitute the satisfaction that comes from solving a problem though more personal communication channels. Make sure to focus your customer support effort on these three solutions:

  • The “old-school” phone call, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon
  • Live web-chat, it’s the “go-to” choice for the Y generation
  • Follow-up emails or other communication methods, to reassure the customer

It all comes down to embracing and nurturing real-time interaction channels, if you do you’ll quickly notice renewal rates rise up and at the same time you’ll gain a few more loyal customers.

Scout Ahead.

In order to successfully up-sell or cross-sell you need to scout ahead, going in blind, without gathering data regarding customers purchase habits is a recipe for failure.

Understand the needs and desires of the customer base, differentiate customer types (new, loyal, etc.). Customers will notice if you don’t do your homework and that will only result in lost opportunities.

Gathering intelligence and providing the customer with suitable options doesn’t always guarantee a sale, but it will leave a positive impression which in the future can result in a positive referral or a new sale.

Be Flexible.

Every company has a set of guidelines in place, especially for marketing or servicing customers – what most contact centre managers forget is that these are just guidelines, not set in stone rules.

Make these procedures more flexible for established customers, return business is good business, make it easier for them to give you just that.

Be flexible that when it comes to pitching products or services, that’s it!

Broken Promises.

The biggest and one of the common mistakes is over-selling your brand, never do that, it just leads to broken promises and lost sales – oh, and bad press.

Learn to under-sell and exceed the customers’ expectations, customer satisfaction does wonders for business’s.

But sometimes, due to poor judgment, communication problems, or “insert random excuse here” promises get broken, and you fail to deliver. This is the time, to atone for the sins, and repair your relationship with the customer.

Common recovery tactics include these steps:

  • Admitting your mistake
  • Offering a genuine solution to the problem caused by the broken promise
  • Offering a refund to the customer
  • Offering free or discounted serviced or products, even if the customer took a refund

And there you have it, you possibly lost a sale, but trust “Us” it’s better in the long-term.

Leave Personal Problems at Home.

It’s hard, but personal problems should never interfere with customer interaction. Despite all the hardships you might be facing, contact centre agents need to remain polite, professional and most importantly reliable.


OpsTalent believes that exceptional customer service is the backbone of every successful business, make it your priority just like “We” do!

Rec­og­nizing Service-orientated Candidates

Rec­og­nizing Service-orientated Candidates

In order to embrace the customer centric business model, enterprises need to hire customer-oriented employees, whose natural drive towards pleasing the customer and exceeding expectations is high.

There is no such thing as “perfect” employee, but you can filter potential candidates depending on their natural inclination towards customer service.

These traits are a clear sign of a top performing contact centre agent.

  • Friendly
  • Eager to please
  • Empa­thetic
  • Effi­cient
  • Proac­tive
  • Problem-solver
  • Hon­est
  • Thinking fast in his feet

Hard skills can be learned by anyone and honed with experience.

But soft skills are a different bunch, not even coaching will evoke a sin­cere will­ing­ness to serve or desire to sat­isfy cus­tomers, and teaching someone to become empathetic is nigh impossible.

Look for candidates that already posses this particular, customer-oriented mindset. That way your future contact centre agents will be aligned with the customer-centric business model from the get-go.

Get Hyped for Customer Centricity!

Get Hyped for Customer Centricity!

Multi-lingual contact centre’s are embracing the customer centric concept, ditching ACD stats and highlighting customer satisfaction alongside customer experience as their main drivers for 2013.

If improving customer satisfaction and becoming a part of  the hype is Your goal, then read on.

OpsTalent has these tips for you:

1. Exceed expectations.

Simply under-promise and over-delivers that’s it. If you over-hype your customer service process and can’t deliver the advertised minimum, customer satisfaction will drop rapidly.

Make sure that service levels are clear and well established, and most importantly constantly met.

Dazzle the customers, take them on an epic journey!

2. Analyze customer complaints.

This is vital for improving the customer service process, have team leaders gather the most frequent compliments, review them, and act accordingly.

Since contact centre agents are the backbone, include them in the process, gather their opinions as well, this will solidify their trust.

Coming up with a long-term solution is a team effort!

3. Never say “no”.

Saying “No” to a customer should be considered a total customer service blunder, if the contact centre agent handling the query can’t find a solution to the problem he should escalate the problem to their team leader.

It might seem a bit cost ineffective at first, but in the long term this will help with strategic problems in the customer service process.

And if you are forced to say “No”, try to turn the negative into a positive, use freebies.

Show good will, that’s all there is to it.

4.    The customer is your friend.

Therefore you need to treat customers as such, do what’s best for them. Disregard all the ACD metrics like AHT, the only things contact centre employees should worry about is leaving a good and lasting impression  in the customer’s mind.

Contact centre managers, just ditch ACD stats, and embrace customer centricity.

The tip of the iceberg.

The whole meta-game of how the customer service industry operates is changing, these four tips are nothing more than a good starting point.

Contact centre’s are “morphing”, changing and adapting to new service delivery methods (social media) or new technology (cloud solutions), but the biggest and most important catalyst for change is customer centricity.

Get hyped!