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Reducing Costs and Maintaining Quality: Efficiency and Versatility

Reducing Costs and Maintaining Quality: Efficiency and Versatility

When operating a multi-lingual contact centre, customer service costs can add up fast, and over a short period of time they will quickly add up to A LOT.

If you are looking to improve your business’s bottom line, or  provide better customer service, you need to implement these methods to reduce customer service costs without sacrificing the support part, and still providing exceptional customer experience.


Re-Evaluate your equip­ment, it  could be cost­ing you more money than you think.  For example, automat­ing your contact centre’s tele­phone sys­tem for the less used cus­tomer ser­vice func­tions could potentially save time and reduce cost on pay­roll and train­ing. Cloud based technology, can also centralize your whole contact centre into one consolidated customer service center.

  • Phone Sys­tem: Find an appropriate calling system that will streamline the process. An automated attendant or system that reroutes calls to correct contact centre agents quickly can be a life saver, especially during customer service peaks
  • Soft­ware: Is your CRM software integrated with your calling and scheduling systems? If not, make it your top priority.
  • Stor­age: Most on site systems can be moved onto the cloud, especially if they take up valuble space and resources. Evaluate if doing so will help you save on utilities costs.


Embracing the multi-channel approach, implementing it and then aligning all your communication channels is what all contact centre‘s should aim to achieve in 2013.

It’s not only about the technology, it’s about the people. Your contact centre is as strong as its core employees – the frontline grunts, contact centre agents.

Make sure that your teams can handle multiple communication channels, be it email, phone call, live web chat or social media. Assigning two people per campaign to each communication channel might seem a reasonable choice, but in the end it might cost you more.

Remember about attrition and turn-over rates, which despite the efforts of contact centre managers still plague the industry to this day. Train each representative, they need to provide exceptional customer service on each communication channel – versatility is essential.

Also in case of returning customers, if the same agent handles the quarry throughout all communication channels, it adds a new depth of personalization thus creating a compelling experience for the customer resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Cutting customer service costs, is not about blindly “swingin’ the ole axe”  and reducing budgets, it’s about making your business more efficient.

Upgrading software as well as hardware will lead to increase in employee efficiency, while embracing the multi-channel approach and centralizing all communication channels will lead to increase in customer satisfaction, both of which will in the long-term lead to better customer retention.

Evaluate budgets, look for ways to increase efficiency, and only then cut costs.

Sneak peek into the unknown – contact center plans in 2013!

Sneak peek into the unknown – contact center plans in 2013!

What should contact centers around the globe improve upon in the upcoming year, be it IT centric features or new management solutions, we at OpsTalent think that the points mentioned bellow are the key in growing and expanding in the multi-lingual contact center field.

So without further ado:

More email and web chat.

In 2012 we ran a successful email and web chat campaign for one of the most known game publishers. This provided us with new experience for our staff on all levels, as well supplied us with amazing prospects for the future.

We are planning to expand on this idea, increasing the headcount of our staff designated to those communication channels in order to handle even more customer quarries – since customer demand is obviously there.

The multi-channel approach.

Considering that more people are getting accustomed with the communication channels that are relatively new, (social media, live web chat, email and SMS) the fabled multi-channel approach is going to be embraced by contact center managers all around the world.

Running successful campaigns that will switch the customer focus to social media and live web chat is crucial for contact centers in 2013 .

Reducing the number of telephony queries is essential, it will free up resources that after coaching and training will embrace the solutions provided by the multi-channel approach.

Social media, mobile support and cloud solutions.

No one would argue that 2012 belonged to the social media, Twitter  and Facebook turned out to be amazing tools as far as creating great customer experience goes and OpsTalent was there to embrace it.

We will be implementing a cloud based multi-stream system in our contact center, which solution will streamline the work process across the board for all our teams – the system will handle email, call, social media and live web chat.

With mobile users being more vocal than ever before we want to “catch the wave” early this year and provide extended online support for mobile devices as well as introduce our own mobile app for customers and partners – so stay tuned!

All our plans and future changes aim to provide excellent customer support and to streamline the process as much as possible for our clients and partners.

Thanks to cloud solutions and the multi-channel approach we will be ready for rapid expansion and have a contingency plan at our disposal.

Set sail for cloud computing, new adventure awaits!

Set sail for cloud computing, new adventure awaits!

With cloud technology, call centers have an amazing opportunity to track online conversations and highlight customer complaints throughout all channels, while keeping demand for a faster and more responsive customer service. Below you will find tips that will help you when picking, implementing and progressing with your first “Cloud” venture.

Cloud computing tips:

  • Pick a cloud system provider that has extensive experience in the call center field.

  • Go with the multichannel approach, utilizing the lover cost solutions such as email, web-chat, web knowledge base and popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) will result in significant cost reduction.

  • Strategize, focus activity that encourages growth. Do not immediately transfer all call center activities onto the cloud, start with sectors that will benefit the most.

  • Cloud provides scalability. Mulch-tenant architecture ensures you pay only for applications you use, and you can scale up at any time.

  • Streamlined processes. Automate your agents assignments according to their areas of their expertise. Be it by product, customer service or entitlement levels.

  • Understanding virtualisation is the key to a successful enterprise. Hosted contact centers, are the fastest, most efficient ways for a business to virtualise resources and improve the customer experience.

  • Build a closed-loop business process. The 360-degree view of customer interaction history throughout all communication channels will provide tremendous benefits.

  • Knowledge as basis for every interaction. Integrate the knowledge base into the system in such a manner that agents across all communication channels have access to a unified platform, this will drive up customer satisfaction and first-call resolution.

Cloud computing brings change to call centers.

Cloud computing brings change to call centers.

In the last ten years, cloud computing has been used by forward-thinking firms across the globe, looking to increase their productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

The call center industry has remained cautious, since up until now cloud based solutions were confined in consumer web space. However contact center managers are facing increasing demands from the customers, they need to deliver a faster, more responsive service. The industry is simply ready to embrace this new technology.

How it works.

Applications are delivered over the internet, the data is store in “the cloud” – this means no need for complicated physical set-ups on-site. Thanks to being hosted in the cloud application scan be dynamically updated, this means the information provided to the agent are always up-to-date. Also you and your employees can access the cloud from any place around the world – new possibilities for remote work and dealing with unforeseen circumstances.


Workplace assessment solutions provided by most cloud based systems vendors allow you to reconfigure your call centers operations so that during a emergency your agents can still deliver high quality services from home or any other site. The cloud brings accessibility and resilience no other solution provides.

Crowd sourcing.

With the rise of social media, the marketing game changed. Customers now venture onto twitter, word press and face book for advice and opinions on products. Companies are acknowledging the power of “crowd sourcing” and are forming partnerships with bloggers. There is a number of specialized applications that consolidate all channels of customer service and forge them into the ultimate customer experience. Storing feedback from social media in the cloud is a powerful tool.


Call centers that take the advantage of running its process in the cloud are bound to make significant cost saving and also reduce the amount of maintenance and upgrades over traditional IT systems. Considering the fast paced environments of the average call center its crucial that you can roll out applications quickly. Relocating is also a lucrative option, since agents have secure data access from any place around the world. With a subscription based payment plan companies are only paying for what they are using, there is no large upfront expenditure.


There are drawbacks to cloud computing, data storage format is one of them. When updating your system or changing cloud service providers, you can run into some compatibility problems or file conversion issues.

Security is also a huge concern when it comes to cloud based systems, some IT departments especially in big organizations might nit be to enthusiastic when it comes to updating their hardware and implementing systems they don’t have complete control over. Legislation can also be a sensitive matter,where the server is located, how the data is stored – remember to ask these questions when picking a cloud based service vendor.