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Live Web Chat – How to deliver the top notch Customer Service.

Live Web Chat – How to deliver the top notch Customer Service.

Customer experience must be positive, it doesn’t really matter which support channel is used. Web chat is becoming the norm for customer support. One of the benefits for the client is the ability to multitask during the session which allows those with busy schedules to continue with their tasks.

Tough the quality of the service itself can be less than favorable since at times the agent will overuse scripted lines, fail to personalize comments and ask irrelevant questions.

When moving agents from the traditional channels of communication to web chat you should consider training them in proper etiquette.

Be Proactive

Smart companies know the benefits of live chat. Tough you need to keep in mind which method of delivering the service you should pick. You have two options; either include a button on your site that opens up a session or set a timer that will automatically open up a session after a prolonged visit on the site. The second option can be a little annoying for the customer. Remember that instigating communication is a proven method of increasing revenue.

Customize Messages

Most life chat sessions begin with a scripted welcoming message. Those are a time saver but frequent overuse can lead to negative interaction with the customer simply because they might make him will unimportant. Be understanding, show the empathy you have for your customers needs and be sincere about the desire to help. This is the first step at building brand loyalty.

Don’t Over-Personalize

The information most systems let you gather on your customers should never ever be revealed to them, use the data only to add real value to the conversation. If the client gets the feeling of his privacy being invaded he will consider going to your competitors.

Communicate Clearly

The style of communication matters, this might be the customers first glance at company. Pay attention to grammar, be precise and dont ever use emoticons. Keep in mind that when hiring for a web chat position the agent has to be able to express empathy through writing. The safe approach would be monitoring your employees for the dozen or so first sessions.

Be Positive

The two key elements are positive attitude and service knowledge, when these two are combined they form the perfect customer service experience. Be responsive and reassure the customer that you’re here to help him.

Use those five tips and you’ll quickly notice: