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The call recording rush should never go away!

The call recording rush should never go away!

Call recordings are a “gold mine” of ideas and insight, contact centre managers simply can’t afford to omit such an easy to filter information stream.

Regular listening sessions should be a priority for all tiers of management.

Pinpointing customer service issues, process hick-ups and highlighting those “closing the deal” moments will become a second nature after such sessions.

Product knowledge is power!

Product knowledge is power!

Contact centres often underestimate the importance of proper product knowledge, often skimping on providing proper training in that regard or providing their agents with outdated information.

Customers have easy access to information on any product or brand, specialized message boards provide in depth analysis and social media is used as a more direct approach and is the online equivalent of “ask your peers”. If the customer knows more than you do about the product you are selling, you’re in trouble.

Simple training sessions are no longer acceptable in the long run since they tend to expose the lack of knowledge to the customer base.

But the biggest problem is properly updating your current contact centre staff on new products or small upgrades to older ones. Sending out an email won’t cut it.

You have the same tools as your customers plus details regarding the product for in-house use, so encourage your staff to dig deeper and at times unleash their “inner geek”, they need to be well informed and so do you.

Knowledge is power!

Never sugar-coat, be transparent, and above all else if something has gone wrong acknowledge and reassure.

Never sugar-coat, be transparent, and above all else if something has gone wrong acknowledge and reassure.

Social customer service is on the rise, and some companies are finding it difficult to deal with problems through a channel that requires immediate action from them. So what are “The Essentials” of social customer service?

OpsTalent has this checklist for You:

  • Be fast; ensure that each complaint through social media is taken care of in a timely fashion, real time is expected so don’t be afraid to escalate if the situation calls for it, think fast!
  • Be transparent, if something has gone wrong admit, comfort and reassure the customer base that the situation will be resolved shortly, if not compensate, keep the customers informed re progress
  • Be positive, even if a particular problem effects a small portion of the customer base, inform them that despite that fact you are doing everything to make it right and apologize for the inconvenience
  • Keep the complaint visible and report regarding progress, never take the problem out of the visible communication channel, other customers that were following the development of the situation will get suspicious, also look out for some positive viral potential.
  • Follow-up, re-engage the customer,  and hopefully they will re-tweet to say that despite the issue with the product or service they initially encountered, the customer experience they were provided turned out to be an amazing journey for them and only reassured their trust in your brand

Call Monitoring 101: The Checklist

Call Monitoring 101: The Checklist

When it comes to contact centres, operational issues can be quickly and effectively identified and resolved by call monitoring software. Not, only that but it will also increase agent productivity and vastly improve your customer service capabilities thanks to the insight it provides.

OpsTalent prepared a list of criteria when purchasing call monitoring software, crossing off each point brings you closer to acquiring the perfect system for your business:

The  primary use.

Implementation and integration.

  • Near seamless integration with telephony and/or VOIP switch? – e.g. Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, BroadSoft, MetaSwitch, etc.?
  • Will I need a special voice logger or any commercial “of the shelf” one will suffice?
  • Is it possible to pull external data from the CRM system through an API?

Customization options.

Reporting capabilities.

  • Multiple filtering options; can I filter reports by date, groups, agents and managers?
  • Is the software capable of generating easily customizable performance reports?
  • Will I be able to easily export and send reports to supervisors, managers and contact centre agents to showcase issues and good examples?
  • Is performing form-level summaries  a feature as well?
  • Are calibration tables included?

Learning, using and mastering.

  • Will my employees need hours of training to use the software?
  • Can my staff learn to use the software effectively in a matter of minutes?
  • Is it an easy to master the application?
  • How quickly can new supervisors accustom themselves with software features?

The installation process.

These are merely some of the criteria you should consider, if you have something to add, please leave a comment bellow!