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Be on your guard when picking a call monitoring system.

Be on your guard when picking a call monitoring system.

The telecoms team is always a part of a discussion when an enterprise considers purchasing a new call monitoring system. Keep in mind that while the system itself has great impact on the entire call center operation, it’s the telecoms teams responsibility to go through with the actual selection and implementation process.

Ensure that the selected solution provides:

  • Wide phone system support. Make sure that your phone switch is supported. Call recording solutions will support all the most common PBX models from Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, NEC. These vendors also provide cloud-based systems, VoIP versions, SIP-Based, hybrid solutions and active recording options that allow to directly plug the recording system into the API.
  • Low cost. Minimizing the ownership cost is vital, since you don’t want to run into a situation when upgrading the hardware you are also forced to upgrade to a more compatible version of the call monitoring system. This is especially true when switching to a entirely new platform – cover all bases.
  • Scalability. A scalable solution that won’t hinder your enterprise. Make sure that you can add recording channels, locations and remote agents with ease. This is critical when upgrading the switch to the latest version.
  • Options. Phone system vendors will try their best to educate your telecoms team on the advantages of having built-it recording or any other best-of-breed components in a call monitoring system. Some will even assure you that it comes bundled with the system as a whole. But it’s your duty to choose a system with a lasting reasonable long-term cost – that’s the winning option for your enterprise. Remember, features might be built in or bundled, but they never are free of charge.
  • Post-implementation. To ensure the project kicks off, you need to assemble a team consisting of a telecoms professional, IT representative and a designated project manager from the call monitoring vendor.