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Agile and Outsourcing – let’s make it work!

Agile and Outsourcing – let’s make it work!

For the past decade people have been trying to find a recipe for success when it comes to combining the agile philosophy and software development outsourcing. The echoes of multiple discussions conducted on popular blogs, social networking sites can still be heard. The conclusion is that small-to-mid companies find it easier to implement the agile approach into their enterprises practices. But judging how the industry is progressing it’s a question of “When?” not “If?” for the big players.

But how can vendors who use the agile method attract new customers and furthermore how can people convert others and show them that the agile framework is the way of the future?

So what’s the proper course of action – we want to make this marriage work.

An agile outsourcing vendor should invest a lot of time and effort and educate customers, show them the true value of agile. The task at hand is a difficult one since some people will just want to stick to the “old and safe” methods like billing for each change request, fixed price bids.

Let’s not forget about the most amazing part of outsourced software development, lack of communication.

But before changing the world, change yourself.

Let’s assume that your outsourcing facility provides amazing results and you firmly believe things couldn’t get better. But they can, all you need to do is practice the agile method with your client since at the end of the day it’s the one that provides real value, long-term gain and you will be doing the best Scrooge McDuck impersonation ever instead of counting pennies from the short-term standard approach.