Speed Matters.

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Speed Matters.

People in the industry often believe that “Customers have gotten too demanding. They expect too much!” and frankly that’s not true at all. Most of the time the quality of customer service is so bad that clients expect the bare minimum and when even that is not delivered they get frustrated and look for alternatives.

Thy only part where B2C expectations have risen is in regard to speed of service. Technology is so widespread that customers know that the service they want can be delivered FAST, why wait for a book you ordered for 3-4 days when you can download it in mere seconds ? Video Streaming services killed the need for movie rental stores.

And if your enterprise is too slow, your customers will find a faster one.

“The Short Life of Online Sales Leads” discusses the importance of speed when following up on internet-generated sales leads. To attract new customers over 22.7$ was spent on online advertising. According to the researchers. The results were quite spread:

– 37% responded to the lead within one hour.
– 16% responded within 24 hours.
– 24% responded in over 24 hours.
– 23%
never responded.

The average response time was quite shocking – 42 hours.

According to the research:

Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead (defined as having a meaningful conversation with a key decision maker) as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later – and more than 60 times as likely as companies that waited 24 hours or longer.”

I believe one of the best comments you can hear from a customer is, “Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!” It sounds like they appreciate your efforts. But remember, if you hadn’t gotten back to them so quickly, they likely would have moved on to a competitor with just a click of the mouse.

Nothing comes even close to the feeling what you get when a customer says “Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!”. They do appreciate the effort. But you need to remember that if you ignore them and don’t respond quickly enough they will move to the competitor in a heartbeat and in today’s digital world they can do so with just as a click of a mouse.