Speech Recognition & Disgruntled Callers – the perfect match.

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Speech Recognition & Disgruntled Callers – the perfect match.

Speech analytics are powerful tools, that allow contact center supervisors to automate the process of identifying what calls should be highlighted and in some cases elevated.

The process of finding calls used to be like finding a needle in the haystack, since call centers record tens of thousands of calls per day.

The whole endeavor was simplified when a contact center agent tagged a call, or provided details to the supervisor such as: customer name, caller id, time and date. This allowed the managers to narrow down the search results and pinpoint a particular call, if your system stored such information.

But thanks to new technology customers can have their recorded calls processed and listed to in real time. You can even create categories with specific keywords and phrases. One of the most common ones used is “Disgruntled Callers”, index of query matches can be displayed on screen in mere seconds.

What phrases should you include in “Disgruntled Callers” category?

  • “speak to a supervisor”
  • “mad as hell”
  • “cancel my…”
  • “not happy with…”
  • “if I have to call again”
  • “refund”
  • “runaround”
  • “I’m getting angry”
  • “Insert random profanity spewed at the speed of light”

… you get the idea.

Speech analytics systems can be broken down into two main categories.

  • Dictionary based; requires the user to define words and phrases in advance so that the speech recognition application can spot those keywords while the engine processes the audio in real time.
  • Phonetic based; don’t requite input from the user, are ready to use fresh out of the box and are faster with their processing times while delivering the same functionality as their Dictionary based “cousins”.

The choice is up to you, both solutions will prove beneficial and will speed up response times.

Thanks to speech recognition, highlighting a particular customer type was never simpler.