Set sail for cloud computing, new adventure awaits!

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Set sail for cloud computing, new adventure awaits!

With cloud technology, call centers have an amazing opportunity to track online conversations and highlight customer complaints throughout all channels, while keeping demand for a faster and more responsive customer service. Below you will find tips that will help you when picking, implementing and progressing with your first “Cloud” venture.

Cloud computing tips:

  • Pick a cloud system provider that has extensive experience in the call center field.

  • Go with the multichannel approach, utilizing the lover cost solutions such as email, web-chat, web knowledge base and popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) will result in significant cost reduction.

  • Strategize, focus activity that encourages growth. Do not immediately transfer all call center activities onto the cloud, start with sectors that will benefit the most.

  • Cloud provides scalability. Mulch-tenant architecture ensures you pay only for applications you use, and you can scale up at any time.

  • Streamlined processes. Automate your agents assignments according to their areas of their expertise. Be it by product, customer service or entitlement levels.

  • Understanding virtualisation is the key to a successful enterprise. Hosted contact centers, are the fastest, most efficient ways for a business to virtualise resources and improve the customer experience.

  • Build a closed-loop business process. The 360-degree view of customer interaction history throughout all communication channels will provide tremendous benefits.

  • Knowledge as basis for every interaction. Integrate the knowledge base into the system in such a manner that agents across all communication channels have access to a unified platform, this will drive up customer satisfaction and first-call resolution.