Self-service is as precious as time itself.

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Self-service is as precious as time itself.

Self-service is getting more exposure and rightfully so, not only does it help when dealing with an overwhelming amount of queries on all communication channels but it gives the customers a feeling of self fulfilment, because they were able to solve their problem on their own.

But what steps should contact centers undertake in order to improve self-service?

Promote self-service.

Conduct training session with your staff so that they can actively promote self-service, especially for your main call drivers.

When a customer enquiry that could of been self-served comes up, guide the customer through the whole self-service procedure. This will increase AHT but the long-term benefits will outweigh the temporary loss.

Keep self-service records.

Use a self service system that keeps records and stores customer data.

If the issue can’t be solved through self-service and the customer decides to email or initiate a web-chat session the agent will already have all the essential information at his disposal.

Remember about demographics.

Demographics and age ranges are crucial when designing self-service that aims to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Keep in mind that some of the older generation will prefer the standard customer service format, where a company representative will “take the steering wheel”.

This is where tutorial videos come in and prove to be highly valuable.

It’s a FAQ so keep it that way.

Often people forget what FAQ does stand and overcompensate, remember it’s Frequently Asked Questions and it should be just that. Don’t overdo it, keep it easy to navigate.

Review the FAQ section of your webpage at least once a month.

Self-service is a perfect solution during closing hours.

Make sure that customers are aware that whenever the business is closed they can solve most of their issues thanks to self-service.

Don’t be afraid to promote the concept among your customers.

Keep service channels in sync.  

All service channels need to be perfectly aligned and in sync, make it barely noticeable for the customer when he switches customer service platforms.

Keep in mind that the “knowledge base” for all agents needs to aligned as well so that they don’t provide conflicting answers.

This is especially vital when a query is transferred from self-service to other channels.

Be customer centric.

Customer experience should be the driving force behind self-service, always test it from the customer point of view.

Customers should understand that self-service can and will safe their time and that you value it above all else.

If an application or site is designed with “ease of use” in mind, customers will use it. But don’t forget additional features, find out what your customers find most frustrating when using other communication channels, what aspects are they missing the most – solutions should exceed expectations.

Drive customer engagement through videos.

Social media is “the next big wave” as far as customer service goes.

Make use of it, engage customers, use this opportunity to create communities and promote brand loyalty. Let the them be a part of your business, include them in your self-help videos creation process.

Simply, because they are the ones that use the services we provide.