Remember, organizational effectiveness, not efficiency.

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Remember, organizational effectiveness, not efficiency.

The biggest problem with staff is that they do listen to their higher ups, not that they don’t. So if all the messages coming to agents from the higher echelon of supervisors is how important great customer service is to the brand, but at the same time the management style promoted by the supervisors clearly demonstrated that it’s sales and profit centric, the agents will simply mark the “customer experience” part as “noise” and will simply ignore it for the most part.

You simply can’t spin-doctor your staff.

The interesting fact about the contact center industry is that each and every organization wants to be the leader in customer service, and most of those enterprises even mention it as their number one priority in their mission statement.

But when you take a closer look “under the hood”, and check if the customer experience focus is there you’ll quickly notice it is M.I.A.

Remember that as the chief executive you communicate all the time, what you do and don’t do is and will be interpreted – be on your guard.

Also, delivering excellent customer service, is a lengthy process. It won’t happen overnight, as if you used a magic wand. Executives and managers need to understand the fact, that the most important element of the customer experience puzzle is the employee.

Don’t just take steps that go straight to the end of the process, you cant provide amazing services unless you straighten out the service-profit chain, and fix the issues that inside your company.

Organizations leaders, in the public and private sector agree, that providing great customer experience is essential. However, when costs are brought up – the squabbling and dichotomy starts.

Such execs need a reality check, STAT. In the long-term, improving customer service from within will help to reduce costs, not increase them. Remember it’s not about short-term quarterly results, it’s about long-term survival and fruition.

Your companies reputation, is in the hands of your staff.

Lead by good impression and inspiration, concentrate your effort on creating values employees.

Remember, organizational effectiveness, not efficiency:

  • Morale
  • Communication
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Use of Systems
  • Ownership of Culture
  • Long Term, Strategic Future Thinking
  • Quality Decisions at Lower Levels
  • Development/Retention of Good, Talented People