Recipe for email quality monitoring – align employee training with quality expectations.

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Recipe for email quality monitoring – align employee training with quality expectations.

With more and more contact centers around the world opting for multi channel solutions, email is becoming one of the most popular communication methods when it comes to customer support.  Monitoring is essential to achieve high productivity.

Bellow you’ll find tips on how to get the most out of email communication channel and deliver exceptional customer experience.
1. Conduct grammar and spelling checks.

Emails to customers have to be professional, just being readable won’t cut it. Your contact center agents can easily undermine your companies image with poor spelling and bad grammar. This step while being fairly easy to conduct, will pay off tremendously in the long run and will save precious time while avoiding confusion.

2. Pick the right tone.

When monitoring emails, set a central set of rules and guidelines, or even a template. Just  don’t be too restrictive, let the agents choose the appropriate tone – one that suits the specific customer query.

An overly formal email might be too hard to understand for most customers, a chatty one on the other hand has the potential to alienate the customer.  Also you wouldn’t address a senior in the same manner as you would a typical college “bro”, now would you?

Simply, let the agents adjust the tone to suit different situations.

3. Coach and review independently across all platforms.

When conducting quality checks, use a larger sample pool than just a couple of interactions. This applies to single agent evaluation and team evaluation process as well .

If agents work on multiple communications channels score each one independently and coach accordingly. Good coaching will improve performance, but sometimes agents aren’t meant for some particular channel.

Pay attention to their skill sets, and assign them to projects that will utilize those to their full potential. This will drive productivity even higher.

4. The mystery shopper.

Email is no different than call centers or even retail when it comes to mystery shoppers. This is a quite simple, yet often overlooked assessment technique that provides valuable data.

Having an external entity grading your staff is a smart move.

5. Answer the question – don’t “copy & paste” .

The number times this simple step is overlooked makes us at OpsTalent cringe. Has the contact center agent actually answered the customers query, or did he just send a prescripted response that has nothing to do with the question and provides no resolution what so ever?

Measuring success and first contact resolution will help you identify potential problems, and when these metrics improve it will be a clear sign that you are on  a clear path to exceptional customer experience.

Make sure that any potential answers are consistent across all communication channels are consistent and relevant.

Also, personalize the email, it’s a small yet often welcome touch that embraces the vision of brand loyalty.

6. Don’t obsess over response time.

Yes, response times do matter, and contact centers as well as customers rightfully care about them. Keep in mind tough, that customers understand that email isn’t used as the go-to “real time” channel, that’s what web chat is for or even the conventional phone call, or in some cases remote access.

Just make sure that customers know their request is being processed and that the response will be accurate and delivered in timely fashion.

Set up automated acknowledgments that set realistic response time for each query, this will help in managing customer expectations and your enterprise will avoid possible “clogs” in efficiency caused by additional mail enquiries – this is especially vital during the festive season or during a new product/campaign launch.

Measuring email quality is easier than you might think,  just make sure that your training and quality expectations are fully aligned – that’s the recipe for exceptional customer service.