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Team leaders have to like people.

Team leaders have to like people.

Being actually good with people should be prerequisite to even become a team leader.

It is not about metrics, it’s about managing and motivating your “rag-tag” group of contact centre individuals in such a manner that they are able to attain certain goals.

It’s quite easy to notice the good team leaders, there are the guys or gals that know what their whole team was doing during the weekend on the Monday morning. They constantly reassure that they got their contact centre agents back when it comes to dealing with supervisors and management and will take the heat for any possible screw up without shifting the blame onto the team.

In short, they cherish people first, metrics second.

Do note that good sales representatives aren’t always good managers and vice versa, although having the same background as their colleagues will make them bond easier.

Product knowledge is power!

Product knowledge is power!

Contact centres often underestimate the importance of proper product knowledge, often skimping on providing proper training in that regard or providing their agents with outdated information.

Customers have easy access to information on any product or brand, specialized message boards provide in depth analysis and social media is used as a more direct approach and is the online equivalent of “ask your peers”. If the customer knows more than you do about the product you are selling, you’re in trouble.

Simple training sessions are no longer acceptable in the long run since they tend to expose the lack of knowledge to the customer base.

But the biggest problem is properly updating your current contact centre staff on new products or small upgrades to older ones. Sending out an email won’t cut it.

You have the same tools as your customers plus details regarding the product for in-house use, so encourage your staff to dig deeper and at times unleash their “inner geek”, they need to be well informed and so do you.

Knowledge is power!

Telesales 101: Consistency and Persistence.

Telesales 101: Consistency and Persistence.

Making a connection over the phone is probably the hardest part of a contact centre agents job, and understanding the customer is never as easy as it sounds.

In the customer centric climate selling is seen as an extension of customer service. the probability that a customer will buy the presented product or will be interested in purchasing the service, rises dramatically if you engage them, and provide a “real life” conversation.  Treat your prospects, as you would treat returning customers they will perceive your brand in a different fashion, often opting for you instead of the competition.

Contact centre agents, and customer service representatives are the frontline guys, their stance reflects on your brand to a much greater degree that some managers would like to admit.

It’s your job  to ensure that the contact centre staff is enthusiastic, compassionate and knowledgeable about the product or service they are selling, but that’s just the beginning. Contact centre agents need to possess a natural desire to serve the prospects and customers by understanding their particular situation, problems, needs and desires. They need to present the product or service in a way that addresses those issues – it’s vital.

Tele­sales Tips:

  • What is the pri­mary pur­pose for the call?
  • What is the goal?
  • What information do I have at my disposal and what did I learn during the call?
  • Even if the customer doesn’t seem interested how can I provide him with information that will leave a lasting positive impression?
  • Personalize your responses, use the customer’s name – this will show that you’re focusing your attention on their needs
  • Ditch heavy scripted calls, customers will spot those from a mile away.
  • Never loose control of the conversation.
  • Empathy is vital, tune into their feelings and act accordingly.
  • Provide the customers with other methods of engaging your company. If your company has a blog, uses social media or has a newsletter  “plug”  those into the telesales call. It

Even the most experienced representatives, that have been on the job for years, will benefit from those tips.

Keeping your skills honed and understanding what the current customer base needs is essential. Sales tactics change at a rapid pace, this is due customer’s ease of access to information and technology, and you don’t want to play “catch-up” – you need to be ahead of the curve, exceeding your customers expectations.

But in all this, don’t forget that sales, and telesales especially are about consistency and persistence.

Now go, and close that sale!

Providing access on multiple channels is not enough.

Providing access on multiple channels is not enough.

The multi-channel customer experience has become a standard, multi-lingual contact centres were to first to embrace the concept, and now are the main driving force behind the Omni-channel.

In order to achieve success in multi-channel customer service and later on smoothly transition into the Omni-channel approach, companies need to align their staff, processes and business strategy, and deliver exceptional customer service across all channels.

Make the transition from one channel to the other a breeze for the customer.

Implement systems that will such transitions easy for your contact centre agents as well.