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Your “secret weapon” in the war on staff attrition.

Your “secret weapon” in the war on staff attrition.

For contact centers, providing excellent customer experience is most important , the biggest threat to that long term goal is employee attrition. Recruiting right people for the job has never been more important for your contact center.

But how should managers and supervisors filter out applicants?

Want to know if your future employee has what it takes to make it in the multilingual environment of a multichannel contact center?

Use these pointers:

Watch out for these essential skills.

  • Call control and the ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Communicating clearly and confidently, also grammar and spelling
  • Ability to follow through from the initial call to any follow-up correspondence
  • Ability to handle delicate situations and attention to detail

Ability to remain calm under pressure.

It’s one of the key attributes you should look out for when recruiting contact center agents. Clear communications skills, remaining calm under pressure, confidence and expert knowledge are essential.

Competence based interview.

Be sure to test skills and competencies of an agent with live role play action. Make the scenario as close to the actual contact center environment as possible, it will contribute to the recruitment process tremendously and also make it as interactive as possible. Also request for real-life examples when the candidate is speaking about previous experience, this will serve as great insight as to what should you look out for during the role play stage.

Recruit in numbers

Try to always recruit groups of five to eight future contact center agents, and possibly avoid recruiting one agent at time. Small groups will allow your future employees to learn from one another during the training process. This will also strengthen their self esteem, especially in newbies that are entering the industry for the first time since they are not alone. Make sure that agents are aware that “there are no silly questions” during the training process, make them feel comfortable while asking even the most obvious ones.

Clear expectations.

Be clear of what is expected on a particular project or a team. Be precise when explaining about company culture and policies. Honesty during the interview really helps, if an agents finds something uncomfortable after becoming an employee hell be more likely to quit, or won’t be as efficient as you expected him to be from the information gathered during the recruitment process. Be honest – it’s that simple.


With attrition rates for contact and call centers, especially in the multilingual environment are on a all time high – the average turn over rate is close to 15 percent. You can tone those rates down easily, invest in training and coaching. Prepare your new agents, show them what to expect and playback some difficult calls that ended in successful resolution. Five to three days of training is money well spent.
Be on the look out for candidates that can work under pressure, can communicate clearly and at the same time can deal with a plethora of new and exciting situations.

At the same time provide great training and self development opportunities, those will ensure company loyalty.

In the long run, these basic pointers will be your “secret weapon” in the war on staff attrition.