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You can’t just swipe the complaints under a rug in the digital age.

You can’t just swipe the complaints under a rug in the digital age.

Keeping a complaint quiet in the digital age is unrealistic, so unrealistic that it boggles our minds when news of such actions (and their inevitable failure) surface.

Let’s not forget that it will backfire and tarnish (or even destroy) any credibility the brand has online.

In case of a complaint, 19% of internet users would post an online review, possibly on the products web page, and 14% would use social media to “bash” the service or product if they are not happy with the quality they are receiving.

So what solutions are we proposing? Make the best out of the worst case scenario:

  • keep the customer informed and update him on any progress
  • reassure him that you are doing all that you can to fix the issue
  • fix the problem, or reimburse the customer
  • follow up after the situation is resolved

That way despite the initial problem, the customer experience will be a positive one that will leave a lasting impression.

Perhaps we are trying to measure the wrong things.

Perhaps we are trying to measure the wrong things.

Social media is here to stay, there is no doubt about it.

Most of the time representatives are having a hard time getting the upper management involved, and explaining how social media ROI works seems at times an impossible task.

Maybe we should take a step back and stop perceiving social media as the “end-all, be-all” solution, and start perceiving it as what it truly; a valuable tool and influence channel that should solidify all our combined efforts.

Getting your brand out there and promoting it, is the most important factor of incorporating social media into your business strategy.

You simply have to be “there”.

Social media allows brands and organizations to tell their side of the story and build their  presence online. Users can take a peek behind the scenes and glance at the process’s or check out the company culture before applying for a job.

Posting detailed information about the hiring process is one of many great features of social media, candidates will know exactly what to expect and will be able to decide if they even want to begin the hiring process – time gained for both parties involved.

The dreaded social media ROI.

Obtaining accurate social media ROI might be an impossible task, especially when you want to examine how many people you hired thanks to Facebook or Twitter, or how many of the active user base on your corresponding profiles are loyal customers.

Instead we should be looking at the tremendous value social media provides in brand and reputation building.

And how does your brand look online, is it a thriving online community or a ghost town?

Download the latest white paper from Genesys “The Power of One”

Download the latest white paper from Genesys “The Power of One”

This hot white paper will show you how taking a different, more holistic approach to social customer service and aligning it with the usual customer service strategy allows you to transform customer experience and embrace the new digital era,.

New communication channels are used as a catalyst to re-imagine the relationship between company and customer in ways that will benefit both.


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Mistakes are bound to happen, learn from them.

Mistakes are bound to happen, learn from them.

Mistakes will happen, especially in a dynamic environment such as a multi-lingual contact centre – deal with it.

But, in order to reduce errors to the minimum you have to learn from those mistakes.

More often than any contact centre manager would like to admit, customers are contacting “us” time and again for the very same reason or regarding the same issue. Some of these repeat calls could be quickly resolved; brain-storming sessions with contact centre agents would provide beneficial insight regarding what process’s work and provide real value to the customers.

What seems to work on the business end doesn’t have to work as smooth for the customer.

Also don’t forget to update the company website, include a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and appoint “custodians” of the self help database.

All these step will also improve first contact resolution.