Perils of outsourcing.

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Perils of outsourcing.

Have you ever noticed that when companies are considering to outsource a project or a whole part of the business (customer support, help desk etc.) they never talk about what difficulties may arise when you manage of team of outsourced agents as opposed to the in-house staff?

It’s always about lowering cost, but managers often forget about the perils of outsourcing.

Outsourcing exposes your business, intellectual properties and trade secrets, not to mention customer information. If managed poorly can turn your life into a living nightmare, since someone is going to have to fix the possible mess.

If you ever consider to opt for outsourcing solutions, be it business or private sector remember about these simple rules:

It’s not a band-aid to a short-term need

Outsourcing is no longer a temporary fix, it has been redefined as a permanent solution in your companies organizational structure. If the staff is overloaded with menial tasks, it’s time to outsource.

If you carefully choose the outsourcing services provider it will increase the quality of life for your staff and at the same time increase the quality of service.

Keep the core in-house only

This one is simple, the core staff will direct and drive process and projects groups. Never outsource core workers.

Skills and services you don’t need often.

It’s highly advised to outsource in other areas if a particular job requires skills or expertise that are uncommon, especially if you need tools or technologies for that “one”, a bit troublesome project.

Request full attention.

This is a common practice when hiring designers and coders. Make it clear that you are not “just another side project” for them. Look for long-term relationships, nurture individuals into experts.


Employees often view outsourcing as a direct threat to their job security, which in return effects the staff morale. To avoid such behavior keep the most essential and desirable work in-house.

Also, communicate the differences between contractors and employees, such as job security, rates and complete lack of benefits.