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Our Team

  • Trevor Coyne
    Founder & CEO
  • Gabriela Ziółkowska
    Director of recruitment
  • Laly brown
    Senior HR Manager
  • henry foten
    web & ui designer

HR Genius in numbers


In 2012 HR GENIUS was concieved out of the need to find a better way for companies to recruit online.


HR Genius raised 1.0 million zł in it's first round of funding to develop and bring the first 'Fixed Fee' recruitment model to the Polish Market.


HR Genius is already up to 16 full-time staff members and growing!


HR genius sources candidates from a portfolio of more than 200 online websites from the largest Job boards through to specialised niche industry associations and websites.

The story behind our existence

In early 2011, after researching the existence globally for a more efficient and cost effective way for companies to recruit online, we were lead to the United Kingdom which is very much a first mover market in terms of setting trends for the global recruitment marketplace. There we discovered a new model of ‘online recruitment’ called ‘flat fee or fixed fee’ recruitment that was taking the market by storm owing to it’s innovation and cost efficiencies. It was revolutionizing the traditional recruitment agency business model that is renowned for charging ‘large & excessive fees’ and as importantly it was delivering real value to companies in resourcing there most important resource – human capital.

The ‘fixed fee’ recruitment model utilizes the latest online recruitment technologies and techniques (i.e social media including but not limited to Linkedin, Goldenline, Facebook, Twitter & Blogging) as well as focusing on online media advertisements. By doing so on behalf of many companies it can pass on the economies of scale that benefit from ‘bulk buying’ online advertisements as well as eliminating the need for an expensive recruitment sales force and retail presence by delivering the service online and charging one fixed fee for finding candidates on behalf of companies as opposed to charging a percentage of their annual earnings.

This made complete sense as the work to find a candidate that will earn 1,400 zł per month is pretty much the same as for one that will earn 5,000 zł plus per month and it is not fair to be charging fees as a percentage. Additionally, for this one fixed fee, you can hire as many of the candidates as you like from the shortlist of candidates that are provided to you.

In fact ‘fixed fee’ recruitment is up to 90% cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies without compromising on quality and accuracy. It was a win/win for the client and the fixed fee service provider. We were so excited that we assembled a management team with deep industry knowledge and set to work to build the first fixed fee recruitment model for the polish market place which resulted in the launch of in January, 2012.


  • Trevor Coyne

    Founder & CEO

    Formerly an Investment Banker with Union Bank of Switzerland in London, Trevor grew his entrepreneurial wings very quickly since then having successfully developed a number of companies from standing starts, most notably Hoxton Holdings & Evolving Outsourcing. An avid learner, Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance Degree from University College Cork, Bachelor of Law Degree from Nottingham Trent University and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants.
  • Gabriela Ziółkowska

    Director of Recruiment

    A career HR professional, Gabriela has spent her entire 14 working years in the recruitment industry. Having started with the Susan Hamilton Recruitment Group in London, Gabriela has worked extensively across the industry throughout her career before successfully starting and developing her own recruitment company EvolvingHR in 2004. Gabriela holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing & Management from Szczecin University Nottingham Trent University and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants.

Our headquaters

We are located in the heart of Wroclaw, a dynamic city that is the fastest growing in Poland and benefiting from an immensely talented local workforce which has attracted some of the most succesful companies in the world to setup operations here.


ul. Krakowska 29D
50-424 Wrocław, Poland

Phone :+48 71 727 57 00