Myths surrounding cloud-based solutions.

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Myths surrounding cloud-based solutions.


There’s a whole bunch of myths surrounding cloud-based communications solutions that are mostly used to dissuade enterprises from implementing them. Lack of control over company sensitive data and problems that may occur when integrating cloud based solutions with other more traditional applications are the two most common concerns.

Companies Lose Control Over Key Data.

This is one of the most common arguments in the effort against cloud based services. You have zero control over your data, you are at the mercy of your cloud provider when it comes to even the most minute matters like, day-to-day changes in configuration or access control.

This argument could not be further from the truth, since one of the key advantages are the modular user interfaces developed by providers – those turn into multifunctional tools in the hands of a manager. When it comes to call centers, the managers can implement a lot of changes without any involvement from the IT department while even closely monitoring their agents since the tools they are using are fitted specially to them.

As for the loss of control over key data, every cloud based system allows to store sensitive information on the clients premises.

Difficult Integration.

Difficulty with integration is yet another myth that shrouds Cloud solutions. Most call centers today operate on premise based systems that requite cost heavy CTI integration. Cloud on the other hand uses latest web services technology. It is designed with the motto “user friendly” in mind – making it easier to actually implement into a premise-based system, not to mention other cloud applications.

The Aftermath.

Cloud based solutions are easily integrated and you don’t loose control over any data. So is this solution right for your enterprise? That is for you to decide.

Keep in mind that consumer demands are on the rise, mobile customer support access, social media integration and many more. Cloud could unify the whole field.

It doe not solve all the problems but can solve most of them or in the very least point us to the logical solution.