Morale and motivation are the key to success.

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Morale and motivation are the key to success.

Morale as well as motivation are a key to your company’s success, so if you’re facing: chronic low performance among contact centre agents, high turnover rates and finally passive-aggressive behaviour, get to work and boost employee morale and find appropriate motivation drivers.

The dif­fer­ence between morale and motivation?

Motivation, is external, mostly “driver” oriented . Motivated employees will be high performing and, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean their morale is high. There are negative drivers, one of the most common ones are, fear of losing their job, an overly competitive nature (although it is encouraged in some fields of expertise), and excessive desire for bonuses’. These drivers despite being negative nature will often get a lot of work done, and will even result in creative and innovative ideas, but at the same time will decrease the overall team health and morale.

Morale on the other hand, has more to do with feelings, is not driver oriented. This is why creating a high morale environment should be one of a contact centre’s top priorities . Workplaces where morale is high, tend to be full of energy,  you can feel “The Team Spirit” crackling in the air. The employees approach their daily tasks with enthusiasm, willingness and energy.

These three characteristics are vital when creating a customer centric business model, happy agents equal happy customers.

How do morale and moti­va­tion blend  together?

Morale and motivation work together, it’s an ongoing cycle where one directly influences the other.

When morale is high, employees will be motivated to give their best and provide great results, often going beyond of what’s expected of them.

On the other hand when morale is low, and managers are stumped  they often take the shortcut and resort to heavy handed tactics (more rules, threats, negative feedback, etc.) which will get the job done, but will further decrease morale until it hits rock bottom.

In order to create a high-performance workplace, where contact centre agents strive to exceed expectations, managers need to understand, that morale and motivation are vital.

  • The man­ager sets the example.
  • Morale is like a wildfire, it will spread.
  • Different strokes for different folks, dif­fer­ent things moti­vate dif­fer­ent people.
  • Envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions affect morale.
  • Moti­va­tions do and will change.
  • Main­tain­ing high morale is about car­ing and caution.
  • Increas­ing morale is good for busi­ness and will provide long term value.
  • There is no “sure-fire” way to increase and maintain high morale and motivation.

We at OpsTalent believe that there are two main rules at the workplace:

  • It’s not all fun and games.
  • But, from time to time, you need fun and games.

In reality it’s quite simple, you need to keep balance at the workplace, especially at a dynamic one as a multi-lingual contact centre.