Leadership framework – keep it simple.

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Leadership framework – keep it simple.

Our main role as leaders is to ensure that our teams are always delivering high performance. But as many simple truths, its easier said than done.

The sheer magnitude of the training courses on the subject of “performance” a typical contact center manager has to attended over the years is overwhelming. The actual methods, plans mentioned during those sessions is probably now long forgotten. The concept of what constitutes as “high performance” isn’t new to leaders in the outsourcing industry. Methods used to incorporate the concept could use some tweaking.

Depending on the objectives set by the higher echelon of managers and the frame of reference used , the definition of high performance can vary and will have many different iterations and interpretations. Most of the time high performance correlates with engagement levels of our staff and investment returns for shareholders – contentment and satisfaction.

Leadership framework.

We should ask ourselves if we are focusing our efforts on the tasks that will provide maximum return value.

Simple and clear expectations.

Make the team aware of that is expected – this is your number one priority as a leader. You don’t want your employees guessing what their goals are and that’s the best case scenario.

Those expectations should be clear, simple actionable, but at the same time refined to fit each team or project separately.

Everyone needs to know exactly how they can help, positive reinforcement is also a great morale booster – everyone’s contribution to the project is valued. Leave no room for interpretation, this will remove confusion and will lead to greater understanding of the expectation – it will unify the team on a personal level. Working for the common goal.

Provide support.

Our role us leaders isn’t complete after setting transparent expectations, we need to provide support for our staff that will guide them and help them gain the needed knowledge in order to complete they desired goal.

We can support our employees in multiple ways feedback collection, coaching, training and development through courses. We need to equip our agents and managers with the best tools of the trade, to not only meet the required expectations, but to excel.

Relevant feedback provides great insight on performance and coaching will reinforce positive behavior.

Reinforce consequences.

Positive reinforcement plays a key role in proper employee management. It mind sound trivial, but in the long run you as the leader, need to determine what behavior and the corresponding consequences will be accepted or reprimanded, either directly or indirectly. If you want certain patterns replicated, you need to reward employees and the actions that led to them. At the same time manage those falling short of mark appropriately.

and more.

The points mentioned above are just a simple framework that can be used by leaders, supervisors and managers to define boundaries within which they will operate.

Contact and call centers are a highly measurable environment, thanks to all the metrics used to evaluate agents. High performance should achievable is you set the expectations, provide support and utilize consequences to reinforce desired behavior.

Your role as leader is to make the message clear.