Key benefits of engaging customers through social media.

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Key benefits of engaging customers through social media.

Latest research conducted by Nielsen shows that the entire population spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites each month. Also did  you know that you can reach over 75% of all active internet users by the means of social media?

It’s a known fact that social media portals or networks are a great way for your business to communicate with your customer base, provide customer service, and show a more “human face” thus improving the customer service process.

Each day, more and more organisations are adding social  media as one of their customer service channels, gathering feedback and acting on it. The most common social media sites used for delivering customer service are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Handling and solving customer complaints, issues with products or services has never been easier.

With customer satisfaction being the driving force for multi-lingual contact centres it would be unwise to pass on this opportunity, social media are cost efficient, require similar skill sets from contact centre agents as the more traditional channels (live web chat, email), and last but not least they create lasting relationships with customers, thus the impact on increasing brand loyalty is huge.

Did you know?

  • Social media users are 5 x more likely to spread the word about a positive customer experience
  • …and at the same time 3 x more likely to mention their bad experiences with customer service?

Yes, customers that are active social media users will be quite “trigger happy” when voicing their disappointment through social networking channels, but at the same time will be more likely to become your brands advocates if they know that you’ve taken active steps to fix the problem at hand.

So what are the key benefits of engaging customers through social media channels?

  • Repeat business; If you notice your customers, provide problem resolution, reassure that their voice matters  and make them feel special, they will spread the word to their friends and business associates.
  • Targeting consumers; Social media provide a great way for better customer targeting methods, gather feedback when launching new campaigns or services, listen to the customer base, and act based of the information. See what’s “hip” and “hot”, act on their hype.
  • Monitoring competition; determine what your competitors are doing, look up how are their communicating, what works for them and what does dot. Learn from their success and failures.

When developing a social strategy for customer service, always make sure that it is aligned with business goals and tailored with customer experience in mind. Pinpoint any business processes that will be affected by adapting the new customer centric approach, specify any information and required capabilities.

When perfectly executed, a social media strategy will convert followers into customers, customer will then become loyal customers and even brand ambassadors among their peers. Thus growing your business while remaining cost efficient with customer centricity as its main driver!