Great Customer Experience in 4 steps: Apologize, Empathize, Compensate and Follow Up.

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Great Customer Experience in 4 steps: Apologize, Empathize, Compensate and Follow Up.

The good thing about unhappy customers is the oportunity to turn the situation around, regain their trust and turn them to your most loyal customers. All thanks to providing the best customer experience possible – bring your “A” game.

Most customers do understand and at tomes expect that there will be mistakes, or that they will encounter problems . They do know that agents are only human, like the rest of us. It’s how your staff or enterprise handles this critical situation.

It will be easier for them to go through with the process if it will bring resolution to their query. So next time a disgruntled customer storms the office or calls you, don’t panic, stay calm and work in their best interest. All you have to do is follow those four easy steps:

Apologize instantly.

The apology is crucial, even if you aren’t at fault. Accept responsibility and apologize if someone in your company or enterprise made the mistake, customer that felt wronged really want to hear a genuine and sincere apology.

Remember, it is possible to apologize to the customer without taking the blame. If it’s not your or your companies fault use different wording, some people just want to vent or simply revolve the situation.

It’s also critical to not put the blame on the customer, ever.


Saying sorry is a good start, but it isn’t enough, this is where empathy comes in – the key part of the customer experience equation. Show the customer that you feel their pain, and you will do the very best to resolve the issue and re-compensate for the lost time.

Throwing in, yet another sincere apology after dealing with the problem is always a good choice.

Remember, the customer is more aggravated by the fact, that he needs to waste free time to contact customer support and not at the issue itself.

Be understanding and calm – quickly identify their goals and desires.


Making the situation better than right is crucial. Simply fixing the problem, just isn’t enough. Make up for the initial problem, but also compensate the customer for the time wasted.

Present him with no more than four solution to their issue, if you feel challenged by the problem ask the customer how would they like it resolved. Trust us, you will be amazed how reasonable the customer will be if you followed through with the first two tips.

Often, their solution will be far lesser than what you were prepared to offer.

Follow Up on the Resolution.

Following up is a vital part of the great customer experience enterprises are striving for. After fixing the customer problem, contact them within a few days and apologize again and ask them if the resolution to their problem alongside the re-compensation satisfactory.

This might be the time when you find out that the resolution is simply not cutting it, offer a new one and follow up again within a day to check up on the situation.

This will ensure the customer that you value their best interest.