Get Hyped for Customer Centricity!

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Get Hyped for Customer Centricity!

Multi-lingual contact centre’s are embracing the customer centric concept, ditching ACD stats and highlighting customer satisfaction alongside customer experience as their main drivers for 2013.

If improving customer satisfaction and becoming a part of  the hype is Your goal, then read on.

OpsTalent has these tips for you:

1. Exceed expectations.

Simply under-promise and over-delivers that’s it. If you over-hype your customer service process and can’t deliver the advertised minimum, customer satisfaction will drop rapidly.

Make sure that service levels are clear and well established, and most importantly constantly met.

Dazzle the customers, take them on an epic journey!

2. Analyze customer complaints.

This is vital for improving the customer service process, have team leaders gather the most frequent compliments, review them, and act accordingly.

Since contact centre agents are the backbone, include them in the process, gather their opinions as well, this will solidify their trust.

Coming up with a long-term solution is a team effort!

3. Never say “no”.

Saying “No” to a customer should be considered a total customer service blunder, if the contact centre agent handling the query can’t find a solution to the problem he should escalate the problem to their team leader.

It might seem a bit cost ineffective at first, but in the long term this will help with strategic problems in the customer service process.

And if you are forced to say “No”, try to turn the negative into a positive, use freebies.

Show good will, that’s all there is to it.

4.    The customer is your friend.

Therefore you need to treat customers as such, do what’s best for them. Disregard all the ACD metrics like AHT, the only things contact centre employees should worry about is leaving a good and lasting impression  in the customer’s mind.

Contact centre managers, just ditch ACD stats, and embrace customer centricity.

The tip of the iceberg.

The whole meta-game of how the customer service industry operates is changing, these four tips are nothing more than a good starting point.

Contact centre’s are “morphing”, changing and adapting to new service delivery methods (social media) or new technology (cloud solutions), but the biggest and most important catalyst for change is customer centricity.

Get hyped!