Examine the process from the customer and staff view.

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Examine the process from the customer and staff view.

Looking back at all the customer service complaints it’s quite easy to see that the group that fails at the process the most is the organization.

Many organizations are obsessed with process – procedures, mapping, systems. They focus on improving the process from the company stand point and are not taking the customer experience into consideration.


When a customer contacts customer service through a web-site, he’s forced to jump through hoops, even worse if the customer provides all the extensive details and the problem description and the agent can’t help him with the matter.

Or, when you encounter automated telephone systems with ridiculous menus and sub menus that don’t even make sense and by the time you navigate through them you get a automated scripted answer that is limited by company policy.

It can change.

Extensive call monitoring and speech recognition systems help with bottlenecks, highlight areas of aggro among customers and provide process improvement opportunities.

But If the managers that designed those systems were forced to use them themselves – there would be blood and we would see rapid changes in the customer service industry.

Agents know.

Listen to your agents concerns, the staff in the call center will always know before anyone else that there is a problem with the process, they are at the front lines – they have to deal with aggravated customers and defuse the situation at hand. Empower your agents, give them the right tools for the job. Getting front line agents on project teams will greatly improve the customer experience. Want to improve a poorly performing CRM at no extra cost? Get the IT department some help from your agents.

Your front line staff will bring great insight into your enterprise. It’s that simple.

Learn and adjust.

Making mistakes is not a crime, the crime is not learning from them and adjusting your process. Schedule weekly meetings with the front line staff, ask them what adjustments could be made to make the system agent and customer friendly.

Always put customer experience above all else.