Empathy, resolution and value – the trifecta of follow-through.

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Empathy, resolution and value – the trifecta of follow-through.

The easiest method to make customers happy is; letting them know that their requests and queries have been heard and that they will be resolved shortly. Simply, inform and act!

Follow-through is the final and most important step of successful customer service. But please remember this, words without actions are just empty promises – customers need to see the action, the end result and need to have proof that their request will be handled appropriately.

In order to create the ultimate customer experience, contact center agents need to be able to effectively follow-through; successful resolution and providing value to the customer are vital.

1. Empathy

The easiest step is showing willingness to serve and support, never respond with non-specific phrases. Make sure that contact center agents are beginning their sentences with phrases that clearly convey and reassure the customer of their empathy and firm stance on successful resolution. Good examples would be:

  • I’ll be happy to…
  • I can sure do that…
  • I can take care of that for you

Simply dazzle the customers, keep them in awe – “service with a smile” goes a long way.

2. Action

The second step is quite obvious, it’s best to resolve customer problems first and after perform post-resolution procedures such as updating the customer’s history file and scheduling follow-up contact methods. Sometimes company procedures may be quite strict and will require collecting information first, in such case inform the customer:

  • I’ll be happy to do that for you sir/madam, but first I need to col­lect some infor­ma­tion in order to com­plete your request.

Even when delivering successful resolution seems nigh impossible keeping the customer updated on the status of their query is essential as far as creating great customer service goes.

Remember, an informed customer is a happy customer.

3. Value

The third and final step on the path to great customer service is; presenting value directly to the customer. In order to do effectively achieve that, make agents explain to the customer how will they benefit from the way their support services are handled. Great example being:

  • In order to protect your privacy, we do not give out vital information such as login details or identification numbers over the phone.


Follow-through is essential to keep­ing cus­tomers loyal.