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Sneak peek into the unknown – contact center plans in 2013!

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Sneak peek into the unknown – contact center plans in 2013!

What should contact centers around the globe improve upon in the upcoming year, be it IT centric features or new management solutions, we at OpsTalent think that the points mentioned bellow are the key in growing and expanding in the multi-lingual contact center field.

So without further ado:

More email and web chat.

In 2012 we ran a successful email and web chat campaign for one of the most known game publishers. This provided us with new experience for our staff on all levels, as well supplied us with amazing prospects for the future.

We are planning to expand on this idea, increasing the headcount of our staff designated to those communication channels in order to handle even more customer quarries – since customer demand is obviously there.

The multi-channel approach.

Considering that more people are getting accustomed with the communication channels that are relatively new, (social media, live web chat, email and SMS) the fabled multi-channel approach is going to be embraced by contact center managers all around the world.

Running successful campaigns that will switch the customer focus to social media and live web chat is crucial for contact centers in 2013 .

Reducing the number of telephony queries is essential, it will free up resources that after coaching and training will embrace the solutions provided by the multi-channel approach.

Social media, mobile support and cloud solutions.

No one would argue that 2012 belonged to the social media, Twitter  and Facebook turned out to be amazing tools as far as creating great customer experience goes and OpsTalent was there to embrace it.

We will be implementing a cloud based multi-stream system in our contact center, which solution will streamline the work process across the board for all our teams – the system will handle email, call, social media and live web chat.

With mobile users being more vocal than ever before we want to “catch the wave” early this year and provide extended online support for mobile devices as well as introduce our own mobile app for customers and partners – so stay tuned!

All our plans and future changes aim to provide excellent customer support and to streamline the process as much as possible for our clients and partners.

Thanks to cloud solutions and the multi-channel approach we will be ready for rapid expansion and have a contingency plan at our disposal.