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Mistakes are bound to happen, learn from them.

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Mistakes are bound to happen, learn from them.

Mistakes will happen, especially in a dynamic environment such as a multi-lingual contact centre – deal with it.

But, in order to reduce errors to the minimum you have to learn from those mistakes.

More often than any contact centre manager would like to admit, customers are contacting “us” time and again for the very same reason or regarding the same issue. Some of these repeat calls could be quickly resolved; brain-storming sessions with contact centre agents would provide beneficial insight regarding what process’s work and provide real value to the customers.

What seems to work on the business end doesn’t have to work as smooth for the customer.

Also don’t forget to update the company website, include a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and appoint “custodians” of the self help database.

All these step will also improve first contact resolution.