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Custom built agent team!

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Custom built agent team!

The dream agent of every manager is high-performing and engaged. Tough in reality it’s not the case, we’re able to see all ranges of performance from low, to average and finally high. Agents are doing the same job, but their performance varies so much simply because they’re all different people and we’re evaluating them with the same metrics. It’s natural that some will lag behind while others will excel above their peers.

Considering that everyone is different and has a plethora of experiences and expectations maybe the managers themselves should opt in for a unique personalized approach – recognize all these differences and accept them. Focus agent development and training around those, this will help tremendously with performance.

Personalize agents coaching sessions, adjust them to their needs and performance level.

In order to reach peak performance use these 5 steps.

1) Job description.
Everyone has a job description but most of the time those are ignored or even forgotten about completely. Someone once told me “My job description is like a fairy tale; In a filing cabinet far, far away”. Dust the job description off, it is the most common denominator of your agents. It’s the best starting point, in wont help you with performance issues but will let you learn what expectations your team has. Put that knowledge to good use.

2) Expectations.
Make sure all the agents in your call center are on the same page when it comes to performance expectations. The job description is a great starting point, but each team member can understand it in a totally different way and that is way their performance will vary. Communication is the basis of a effective team.

3) Diagnose performance.
Agents need consistent metrics and performance evaluation methods those wont substitute day-to-day coaching and performance management but will let you benchmark current performance and competency levels for each individual. You simply need to know what to tune up. Pick the best tool to gauge their abilities and be aware of potential risks involved with each method.

4) Create a plan.
After carefully analising each agent’s strengths and improvement opportunities, create a tune up plan. Create a custom made plan of action for each agent, do not generalize – make it relevant and specific for each person. The plan needs to be practical, be sure to include activities, online learning and company training. Whatever you plan for your agents make sure it all ties down directly to the evaluation.

5) Implement the plan.
Now the tune up begins. The plan itself is a great topic for discussion between agents and managers, it will fuel their thirst for knowledge. No more wasted trainings and resources. Your team is ready to reach it’s peak performance.

The cost associated with custom tune up is low while it provides great value.

Tune up your staff and see them soar.