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CRM features that tend to fly under the radar.

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CRM features that tend to fly under the radar.

When implementing new technologies or updating systems, it’s important to correctly notify the customer base about every new application and feature. The communication channel of choice does not matter – they simply need to know what are the capabilities of the tools they have at their disposal.

Sometimes, clients are so hyped for one particular feature they tend to overlook other, sometimes overshadowed by their counterparts capabilities.

Below you’ll find a list of the most common CRM features that tend to “sneak by the customers radar”.

Call Recording:

  • Exclude specific area codes from call logging parameters, or set custom tailored white-lists and black-lists
  • Notify personnel when calls aren’t being logged

Screen Capture:

  • Screen capture in real time while agents are watching a user in a VO desktop.
  • Trigger screen capture manually from within the software or by an API trigger.
  • Screen capture even in multi-display environment


  • Convert any data stream into a widget on your real-time dashboard
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Save any event log, mark as a favorite, or even set as the default start-up view

Quality Monitoring:

  • Monitor agents and assist them during a live call
  • Manage feedback data for a single event


  • Divide certain groups and store them at separate storage locations
  • Various automated API triggers
  • Set different events and triggers for varying call types and agents groups.
  • Running applications in a virtual environment