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6 Things You might be doing wrong on Pinterest.

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6 Things You might be doing wrong on Pinterest.

Pinterest has been popular for quite a while, but recently social media experts have been repeating the sentence “If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, you’re getting left behind” like it’s their mantra – while OpsTalent does understand the hype, simply jumping in because it’s the latest “fad” won’t cut it, especially in the B2B field.

So what are the biggest mistakes, the ones that keep your company from benefitting from Pinterest as much as it could?

Come up with a valid strategy.

Obvious, but some managers believe that “We have to be on Pinterest because everyone else is!” is a valid game plan.

First and foremost, knowing your keywords and skillfully using them in your profiles, pins and boards is essential.

Simply jumping into the fray won’t cut it, put some though into figuring out what categories potential customers might be interested in.

Original and interesting content.

The niche on which Pinterest operates is fairly well known, it’s image driven, it’s essential to provide content that will stand its own ground against professional landscape photos or cute cat pictures.

Since the medium of choice is image, you simply can’t afford to be cheap about it. Invest, images and design are the main factors on which users, and later on potential customers will notice your pins.

Even rich in text and data infographics shouldn’t be just re-skins, be creative and if you can’t, hire someone that will do it for you.

Being overly corporate.

Nothing screams boring from a mile away, as being overly corporate. We understand legal worries that might be going through most managers heads, but you simply won’t earn any re-pins if you choose to post your catalogue images only.

A small disclaimer inside your bio, should state that you don’t endorse any images, but you simply share what you find interesting.

Choose a representative that gets your brand.

Most of the time when it comes to social media (Pinerest being the main culprit since it’s relatively new) companies choose to hire fresh college graduates, or people from the Y generation since they “Get it”.

Although, younger people are more attached to social media than their older colleagues, they often don’t understand your brand.

If you want to avoid any potential “shenanigans” when hiring someone new, appoint his “on-site” guardian; someone that will explain the brand to him, what tone should the “message” contain.

Don’t forget about your audience.

Forgetting about your audience is a cardinal sin, while pinning whatever you find interesting or posting content that represents your brand it’s easy to forget about your target customer base.

Pay close attention what people like, what type of content gets re-pinned the most and then post more of it.

Set up multiple boards, each aimed at a  specific audience, interact and respond to their questions.

Basically, be social.

Follow your competition.

Learn from your competitors mistakes, and success’s.

You can’t afford to ignore the actions of other companies in your field, see what they are doing, data-mine their pins for good ideas, and furthermost see what concepts work for them and what don’t.

But don’t just mindlessly copy their ideas, look at the broader picture.

Find the reason, be it failure or success – fix it, improve it. Collect, research and implement.

Have you made any of these mistakes? Let us know in the comments bellow!