Customer Service 101 – Get the right people for the job.

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Customer Service 101 – Get the right people for the job.

It’s a know fact that not everyone is suited for each and every type of job, this is specially true when it comes to customer service. Some people just have a natural knack and are leaps and bounds better than their peers. It’s your job to find them,train them and keep them. Especially when you consider the fact that most companies are reducing staffing levels all around and during redundancy times the best people tend to leave organizations.

Improving the standards and recruiting talent should always be the top priority.

It’s not only HR departments issue

If you are searching for new talent don’t just leave it to the HR department. Be precise with job specifications, interview questions, previous experience and non work related traits. Take the responsibility, get involved in the whole process. As manager or a supervisor your duty is to maximize performance of your staff, motivate and keep them. Don’t leave this to a third party.

Attitude, not skills.

There are no 16 year old air traffic controllers or jet fighter pilots, if those skills can be trained, so can those that are needed for call centers, contact centers and retail. But if the people you are interviewing don’t have the right attitude, they never will.

Interview questions

Ask questions that will help you determine the attitude of interviewees, not skills. Sometimes previous experience can be irrelevant, remember you are looking for talent – a diamond in the rough. Be sure to ask what constitutes as great and poor customer service to them. Come up with questions that will gauge the real qualities of a person.

Company culture.

Making sure that a future employee fits YOUR company culture is key, take a step back and look at the usual week at the office. Does the usual atmosphere seem wacky or is it formal? Pinpoint what kind of people you work with on all levels, and recruit according to that template – remeber to skip around the edges.

Utilize your staff.

Organizations with a great reputation, brand or working environment tend to make their employees proud to be a part of something amazing. That creates a highly motivated and supportive workforce. Utilize that during your recruitment process, this will be your best asset. People can relate to their peers, not “The Suits”.

Career, not a job.

Interviewees value training and in-house development more than financial gain. They realise that even the most basic jobs can be the next step on their path to a career.