Convert your hiring program into a powerful retention tool.

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Convert your hiring program into a powerful retention tool.

Multi-lingual contact center managers realise that the key to success is having highly skilled, engaged and fast thinking agents manning the frontlines of each campaign. This is where the hiring program methods distinguish the great contact centers from the decent ones. If you want to provide excellent customer experience with highly engaged agents you need to treat the recruiting process like an agent retention tool and not like the usual agent acquisition process. The widespread myth of “high turnover rates” is to blame for that situation.

Take your time.

Careful and precise selection of the most qualified and committed candidates is the best way to reduce attrition among contact center agents.

Customer service requires a plethora soft and hard skills that it would be highly unwise to rush the whole recruitment process. Trying to quickly meet the contact centers staffing requirements will only be a waste of time and precious resources.

Screening and filtering are essential steps – don’t skip them.

Overconfidence will get you nowhere.  

Many contact center managers make this rookie mistake, overconfidence is your biggest enemy when it comes to turnover rates. Even if your contact center has an empathetic corporate culture that attracts many candidates, so many that there is always a line of “soon-to-be” agents waiting just outside the door to fill in for your frontline “grunts” – it’s not the time to boast.

Realise this, having a long line of applicants doesn’t mean they’re all highly qualified and engaged.

Use the numbers to your advantage.

Simply “stack the deck” in your favour, a large pool of candidates provides no advantage unless you have tools in place that will help filter out the real talent from replicas.

These tools include:


Having an overbearing numbers of job applicants isn’t anything to brag about, especially in this economy. If you believe that long lines of candidates outside the office are a valid metric of how special your company is we’ve got bad news for you – it’s time to get of your high horse.

If agents are quitting despite the situation of the current job market it might be a sign of poor management

In order to form teams of highly engaged  agents and forming this special customer centric climate you need to view your hiring program as a powerful retention tool.