Cloud computing brings change to call centers.

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Cloud computing brings change to call centers.

In the last ten years, cloud computing has been used by forward-thinking firms across the globe, looking to increase their productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

The call center industry has remained cautious, since up until now cloud based solutions were confined in consumer web space. However contact center managers are facing increasing demands from the customers, they need to deliver a faster, more responsive service. The industry is simply ready to embrace this new technology.

How it works.

Applications are delivered over the internet, the data is store in “the cloud” – this means no need for complicated physical set-ups on-site. Thanks to being hosted in the cloud application scan be dynamically updated, this means the information provided to the agent are always up-to-date. Also you and your employees can access the cloud from any place around the world – new possibilities for remote work and dealing with unforeseen circumstances.


Workplace assessment solutions provided by most cloud based systems vendors allow you to reconfigure your call centers operations so that during a emergency your agents can still deliver high quality services from home or any other site. The cloud brings accessibility and resilience no other solution provides.

Crowd sourcing.

With the rise of social media, the marketing game changed. Customers now venture onto twitter, word press and face book for advice and opinions on products. Companies are acknowledging the power of “crowd sourcing” and are forming partnerships with bloggers. There is a number of specialized applications that consolidate all channels of customer service and forge them into the ultimate customer experience. Storing feedback from social media in the cloud is a powerful tool.


Call centers that take the advantage of running its process in the cloud are bound to make significant cost saving and also reduce the amount of maintenance and upgrades over traditional IT systems. Considering the fast paced environments of the average call center its crucial that you can roll out applications quickly. Relocating is also a lucrative option, since agents have secure data access from any place around the world. With a subscription based payment plan companies are only paying for what they are using, there is no large upfront expenditure.


There are drawbacks to cloud computing, data storage format is one of them. When updating your system or changing cloud service providers, you can run into some compatibility problems or file conversion issues.

Security is also a huge concern when it comes to cloud based systems, some IT departments especially in big organizations might nit be to enthusiastic when it comes to updating their hardware and implementing systems they don’t have complete control over. Legislation can also be a sensitive matter,where the server is located, how the data is stored – remember to ask these questions when picking a cloud based service vendor.