Become customer centric – gather, rate, engage and measure.

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Become customer centric – gather, rate, engage and measure.

What each and every customer-centric business strives to achieve, is to create the perfect customer experience and making it last.

Focus your strategy on making the whole experience as convenient and approachable for the customer as much as you can, if you manage to create such environment most other things will fall into place.

Create a great starting point for your business by following these simple steps:

1. The power of feedback.

To be customer-centric you need to keep customer relationships up to date, engaging in proper conversations and gathering feedback through multiple channels is crucial.

One way to do this is through conducting ongoing customer surveys on a weekly basis, especially to customers who have recently purchased from you.

Conduct customer surveys on a weekly basis, but don’t limit those to product or service information. Gather opinions on the ease of use your website, web-chat performance, load times etc.

Simply ask your customers what could be improved and what additional features would they like to use.

Separate the data into key groups, gather the most frequent requests from each and implement them over the course of three to six months – don’t forget to notify the customers about new features and interface or usability changes.

Constant feedback, gives you the insight to create a smooth customer experience.

2. Rate your “stuff”.

Rating your own products is in your companies best interest, it will show the customer that you value their time and money and will ensure that if the need arises you are there to advise them.

The most commonly used practice when rating products is to base them off the customers purchase and return history.

But, it’s not that easy for consumables and various merchandise that can change it quality over a period of time. You need to notify the customer, that a particular product is ranked as a four out of five condition.

This gives your customer the option of choosing the best product quality there is, or going with the “Most bang for your buck” approach.

Quality of your products or services matters the most – nurture it with extreme care.

3. Measure customer engagement.

The more data you can gather the better. Create a profile for each and every customer, remember to include their purchase and return history, log what products they were browsing, what is on their wish list etc. – be creative.

Also, take a closer look and see if the particular user is mostly going for high-end products, or goes for the budget option, examine brands – does he favor one?

You can always improve the way information and product rating are displayed, the possibilities of creating an engaging environment for your customers are endless – get to it!

Personalize the experience for each individual, and engage them each time they visit your web-page.

4. Pay attention to shifts in trends and pricing.

The current economic “climate” has effected most industries, there’s no denying that. But for every negative try to findĀ  a small positive.

Selling less high end products is not a bad thing, most customers will shift their focus to brands that deliver similar quality for less cost. If you notice these trends fast enough, you will exceed at selling more budget products that your potential competitors.

This is why measuring online engagement and customer feedback is crucial in order to create an adaptable business strategy.

All you have to do in order to create a great and lasting customer experience, is to simply:

  • Gather feedback
  • Rate your Products
  • Measure customer engagement
  • Pay attention to trend shifts