How can unified communications help “Your” contact center?

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How can unified communications help “Your” contact center?

No modern multi-lingual contact center can function properly without the use of Unified Communications (UC) as it should play a significant strategic role in these key areas:

  • staff training and collaboration,
  • driving remote working practices
  • improving  customer satisfaction.

How can unified communications help “Your” contact centre?

1.  Flexibility and control.

Non-UC system’s where restricted when it came to multiple people accessing the same “call” and some of customer queries had to be transferred to experts stationed outside the contact center. This simple fact skewed fist contact resolution numbers, just because the “outside” expert couldn’t access the CRM system to log and update relevant data within.

Thanks to UC contact centers can retain control and manage the whole customer service process from start to finish and successfully log all the actions since experts will be “conferenced in” the communication channel.

Thus providing clear data for any metrics – crucial since those directly affect contact center employee bonuses.

Also one last feature that is often overlooked is a form of real-time training for agents.  While the expert provides a solution for the customer, agents can listen, learn and gain much needed experience to tackle future more complicated queries.

2. Remote work

Software used to manage unified communications works flawlessly with any number of potential systems that are already being used at a contact center. The same tools are also easy to use, thus providing new possibilities for contact center managers when it comes to remote work:

  • managers and agents can easily identify which of their colleagues are available
  • all communication channels are routed directly
  • encrypted internet connection minimise remote access costs and potential risks

Managers will be thrilled with extensive yet simple to use reporting options at their disposal; monitoring and measuring performance of all contact center agents, regardless of their current location  has never been easier.

All the crucial data can be analysed in detail and interactions can be tracked from start to finish thanks to multiple indexing options provided by UC systems.

3. Multi-channel approach

In order to increase customer satisfaction, contact centers need to provide their services through multiple communication channels. Customers must have a wide range of options to choose from and pick the one method that suits them the most.

Unified communications unify other communication channels used for customer service(email, social media, live web chat), thus enabling companies to incorporate the same business strategy and provide consistent customer experience.

Combining multiple channels into a single unified “stream”  improves the whole customer service process and enables easier management options, providing consistent data and is cost efficient.